Scottish Fiddlers SFLA Gold – DOUBLE CD

31 tracks / 70 tunes of your favorite and our best tracks. Scottish strathspeys, reels and jigs, to driving Cape Breton melodies along with Irish, Norwegian and local tunes and Gaelic song.

Double CD $25 (includes shipping in US)

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Tracks include:

D’Artagnan’s Delight / brian’s Birthday

Mrs. Stewart’s (M. MacDonald) / The Rose in the Heather / The Road to Skye / The Mist Covered Mountain

Chí mi na Mórbheanna

Da Mirrie Boys o’ Greenland / De’il Stick Da Minister / Da Burn o’ Finnigirt / Da Hill o’ Finnigirt

A Waltz for Willie

He Mo Leannan / Abu Chuibhl

Lieutenant Maguire’s / Geese in the Bog / Drover Lads

Little Cascade / On the Wings of a Skorie

Griogal Cridhe

The Smith’s a Gallant Fireman / Clach na Cudain / The Auld Wheel

Canan nan Gaidheal  

Brudmarsch till Olle och Birgitta  / Shottis från Luleå  

There Cam a Young Man / I Lost My Love / Drummond Castle

Oidche Mhath Leibh

Barrowburn Reel  / The Sally Gardens / Spootiskerry  

Catchin’ Rabbits / The Last Day of August  / The Brumley Brae  

Tom Edward / Difyrrwch Gwyr y Bontnewydd / Chwi Fechgyn Glan Ffri

An Atareachd Ard

J.F. MacKenzie, Esq. of Garrynahine  / Miss Stewart of Grantully / St. Kilda Wedding

Louis’s Waltz   / Sourgrass and Granite  

Scott Skinner’s Welcome to Inverness  / Earl Grey  / Waverly Ball

MacCrimmon’s Lament  

Norwegian Polka / Jimmy o’ the Bu’s Polka  / Orkney Polka

Josefin’s Waltz

Trip to Toronto / The Trippers / Little Pickle / Portree Bay

Oran Do Cheap Breatuinn / Mo Run Geal Dileas

Glencoe March / Wedding Reels (John of Badenyon, Hamish the Carpenter, Put Me in the Big Chest)

The Highland Watch’s Farewell to Ireland / The Drummer / Elizabeth’s Big Coat

Highland Boat Song

Faroe Rum / Aandowin at Da Bow / Da Forfeit o’ Da Ship

Parting Glass


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Jan 28
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