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New Season! New Musicians Welcome!

The Scottish Fiddlers of Los Angeles are about to begin our 2020 season.  Have you been thinking of joining?  Now is the time.  We would love to have you come to one of our first rehearsals and try us out.  We welcome musicians of all levels, and many instruments fit in well with our orchestra –  fiddles, guitars, cellos, mandolins, flutes, clarinets, bass.

Our first rehearsal will be Sunday, September 29, from 1:30 to 4:30 p.m. at the Clairbourn School, 8400 Huntington Drive, San Gabriel.   At these rehearsals we will begin learning new tunes for the coming season, so this is a great time to join.  Rehearsals are  once a month through the end of the year.  From January to our April concert our rehearsals are a bit more frequent.
Questions?  Contact us at .
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Oct 12
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