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Featured Tune – Da New Rigged Ship (Shetland Traditional)

The Fiddlers are pleased to present their next “featured tune” Da New Rigged Ship”. Da New Rigged Ship,a popular Shetland reel, is recorded at full tempo and at a slower learning tempo by Scottish Fiddlers Associate Director Chris Peoples.


Full tempo:

Slow tempo:

Sheet music:

Per the Fiddler’s Companion, “the tune celebrates the rigging out with new sails and mast of a fishing boat, which the owner proudly calls a ship”.

Da New Rigged Ship is often played before Da Full Rigged Ship in sessions.  Da Full Rigged Ship was the previous Fiddlers featured tune.  Recordings (slow and full tempo) and a link to the sheet music can be found here:

Look for Da Full Rigged Ship and Da New Rigged Ship on the Fiddler’s new double CD schedule for release Spring 2017.


Check back for future featured tunes.

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Nov 2
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