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Director Jan Tappan Receives 2014 Music Legend Award

For her significant contributions in keeping traditional music alive and vital, Jan Tappan was recognized by the Topanga Banjo & Fiddle Contest & Folk Festival as the 2014 Music Legend honoree.  In addition to directing the Scottish Fiddlers for the past 25 years, Jan co-founded the Valley of the Moon music camp, is chairperson for the Scottish Fiddling Revival competitions held throughout the country, and is head judge for national contests, as well as in regional contests in Virginia, Texas, New Hampshire, Oregon, Washington, North Carolina and California.  Congratulations Jan!

The much beloved Topanga Festival, held annually since 1961, was the forerunner of many folk art festivals.  The festival features nonstop music from more than 100 performers, plus prize drawings as well as artisans selling everything from straw hats and needlework to jewelry, leather and metal crafts.

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Feb 1
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