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Chris Peoples Named Associate Musical Director

The Fiddlers are pleased to announce that Chris Peoples has been named Associate Musical Director. Chris joins Musical Director Jan Tappan in leading the Scottish fiddle orchestra, now in its 34th year.  Chris began his musical studies with classical violin at the age of 7 years and through his middle school and high school years added oboe, saxophone, and xylophone to the mix.  Passing up music scholarships, he decided to pursue studies in molecular biology at MIT and put music on hold.  Sixteen years later he resumed playing the oboe and violin, and in 2010 started to focus mainly on Scottish fiddling.  Chris has been playing with the Fiddlers since 2011 and has been Chairman of the Tune Selection Committee for two years, in charge of tune selection for concerts and for the upcoming new Fiddlers CD.

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Feb 28
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